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Tax Court: Don’t Take Chances With Gambling Losses ...

Top 5 Gambling Court Cases - Blog Here are our top 5 gambling court cases that have rocked the ... Even though the online casino initially congratulated Venturi on his jackpot win it later refused ... Supreme Court Takes on Sports Gambling Case The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments Monday on the New Jersey case Christie v. NCAA to decide the future of sports gambling in ... other cases that some ... The U.S. Supreme Court Is Set to Decide on Sports Gambling ... The U.S. Supreme Court Is Set to Decide on Sports Gambling. ... Online ... I am well aware of the rarity of sports-related cases that reach the ...

(Authors' Note: A link to the top five sports law stories for 2017 is available here.) Last year was an historic year in sports law, highlighted by the National Labor Relations Board's March 26 ...

How Have California Courts Ruled on Gambling Cases in the Family Court? In one notable case, the California Court of Appeals held that winnings from gambling “follow the character of their source.” This means that if the winnings were won with marital property, then the winnings themselves will also be marital property. Court Rules Internet Gambling Is Not Illegal - Casino City Times

Substantiating Gambling Losses in Tax Court - Taxes in the Back

Court Rules Internet Gambling Is Not Illegal – Gambling and the Although he asked for money damages, he was mainly seeking a court order that MasterCard and Visa had to stop doing business in California with online gambling operators. Trends in Online Gaming and Gambling | Aerospike Both online gaming and online gambling are rapidly changing as new technologies and providers vie to attract customers and develop brand loyalty. The proliferation of handheld devices and smartphones means that more consumers can easily … – The European Portal on gaming and gambling laws

Supreme Court Declines Review of “Gambling is a Game of

Poker Case May Reach Pennsylvania Supreme Court. filed in the case involving Diane Alice Dent and Walter Leroy Watkins in ... Texas Hold’em is gambling,” alluding to court cases in other ... Top Five Sports Law Stories For 2015 - Forbes